Villa Rental Cape Town

Project Description

Relaxing Pleasure

Villa Rental Cape Town is a luxurious, high-end trendsetter in the luxury concierge services industry in Cape Town, South Africa. The elegant, soft design focuses on capturing the upper-class market’s attention, showcasing the most luxurious Villas in the Cape Town area. The primary theme of this project is to create a platform where Villas can be added, updated or removed on a weekly basis, with minimal effort and time overheads. It uses a sleek and straightforward user interface that guides the user into the most impressive Villa designs available.

Quality is the top priority

Luxury Villas
Images uploaded weekly

Minimal Maintenance

The custom platform allows for villas to be uploaded by directly entering text fields with guided steps. It takes 5 minutes! Once the required fields are completed, and the featured images are loaded, the backend scripts create Villa entries on the public website in a consistent, beautifully designed template showing every important detail about the Villa. This is not only limited to the interactive grid, but also on every individual Villa page.

Custom Attributes

Several different features of Villas needs to be apparent to the website visitors. All these requirements are created and easily customisable to allow for unique features and ranging conditional logic expressions.