Project Description

A Luxurious Journey

SOHO VIP takes luxury services to the next level by providing Cape Town with VIP chauffeurs and tours. Their flagship website designed by The Website Engineer takes the user on a visual and dynamic journey through the depths of their exclusive services. The website was required to create the elegant, safe and dark feeling one would get when sitting in a Mercedes-Benz from their fleet.

Conceptual Design Samples


Custom Development

Very Important Person

SOHO and The Website Engineer both believe that any event one plans and stages is a reflection of the organization’s image. When the user arrives on the website, they arrive in style. There are two clear services indicated, where value added services are grouped under a separate section to ensure a smooth flow and understanding of the graphic website.


We have implemented the famous build-measure-learn feedback loop, defined by Eric Ries in The Lean Startup in the process of developing this website. We have accomplished to deliver the website in 50 days, 4 feedback rounds and the two parties has never met face to face.