PPC Cement

Project Description

Growing a new Presence

PPC Cement hosts an annual JPC Golf & Family day where it was requested that their manual RSVP process should be transformed into a digital online RSVP form with database capturing and automatic emailing process. The Website Engineer took on the task and delivered the final product in a record time of 6 days since the first conversation occurred.

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First contact to production
Online entries

“Thank you for a wonderful service. It’s been fantastic working with The Website Engineer on this project.”

Kelly De Kock, PPC Cement

Countdown Event

A creative way in which the annual event could be emphasised is by creating a dynamic counter. This complements the theme of the event while with the visual effects spark interest in the invited users to attend the event. The entries were filled within 2 days of the announcement, 20 days before the deadline. Compared to the previous year, where manual document submissions occurred even after the deadline.

From basic to awesome.

The team took the liberty to create the first minimum viable product with working functionality as the top priority. Consequently, with the functionality signed off, the creative design process began where animations, dynamic effects, conditional input fields and database entries began, applying no compromise to performance and functionality.