Mi Staff Solutions

Project Description

Activating efficiency

Mi Staff Solutions is all about optimising enterprise workforces. The client described their vision to have an interactive, dynamic website that incorporates the use of puzzle pieces and the movement thereof. The team at The Website Engineer was pleased to hear that we created exactly what they had envisioned.

Quality is the top priority

Days from scratch to live
Screens without reloading
Remote meetings

Conceptual Design Samples


The website is light, versatile and to the point. The team deployed the website to production in under 30 days since the first brief. With remote meetings, our process allowed us to produce the whole website from scratch with not a single meeting in person since they are across the country in Pretoria, Gauteng.


We’ve created a stunning dynamic interface that allows the user to navigate through a puzzle of services that goes in 3 levels deep. The magic comes in where the user can access 16 different screens without the need for the pages to reload. This enables an extremely functional user interface that definitely does not make one wait. This was accomplished by combining robust Javascript functionality with graphical effects and information layers.