Kaap Agri

Project Description

Making it rain, literally

Kaap Agri is one of the largest agriculture companies in the agricultural services and products industry in South Africa with direct exposure on the JSE. The Website Engineer provides Kaap Agri with web design and development services ranging from front-end to back-end systems in all divisions of the company. The key factor in the initial development process was not only ensuring that all divisional websites were readily available from the main umbrella website, but also ensuring smooth communication between the primary and divisional sites with a consistent brand and process.

Kaap Agri Company Profile

The Design should be modern, yet adoptable by their audience

And It Should Be …

Simply Fruitful

Intuitive Presentation

Report downloads, store locators, and announcements are all part of the intuitive, consistent design allowing users to glide through the website to where they need to be. Most importantly, mobile responsiveness is of utmost importance for all websites.

Solid Foundations for Maintenance

Constant updates, reports, newsletters, publications and press releases require a system that will allow staff from all divisions to upload and download, as well as organise content in the cloud (online) with ease to maintain smooth operations among all division without failure or interruption. A custom back-end with simple input fields automatically generates front end display with no technical skills required.