Jellybean Concept Events

Project Description

An Immersive Experience

Jellybean Concept Events takes pride in being a highly creative event consultancy providing a fresh alternative to the more traditional corporate approach. The website design projects this mission by using a few fresh colours, creative layouts and a dynamic user experience that guides the user to read more about the service that intrigues them the most.


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Visual Design

Conceptual Design Samples

Showcasing Competence

Apart from the crisp design, the functional process of frequently adding work to their portfolio was developed to implement new work and changes with hours since receiving the request. The work they have done is then displayed in a beautiful grid that requires no significant structural changes. This is what makes The Website Engineer’s platform and the way we do things save time while saving the client money.

Sharp, Light and Fast

The development of a website always has a trade-off between performance and design. We have taken these two constraints to create a beautiful website, yet keep it up to industry-leading performance standards by implementing our expertise with regards to page load times, optimisation and server load statistics. The Website Engineer takes care of all these critical components of Jellybean Concept Event’s website, while their team enjoys their online presence at all times.