Project Description

Integrating science, mixology and technology

Ginologist creates meticulous and scientific awe-inspiring experiences that reflect every gin lover’s individuality – the best craft gin in South Africa. The Website Engineer designed the website based on this core principle showcasing their three flagship gins. Colours, style and branding played a significant role in the process, since the product appears on the shelve of hundreds of bars in South Africa, and soon to be in the international market.


Product Focussed
Science Inspired
Brand Awareness

Smooth, Crisp, Clean

Just like their gins, their website immediately sets the standard of the quality of their distilled craft gin. Their premium product tells stories about the origins and the methods of creating the perfect gin, and so did the team at The Website Engineer dig deep into the roots of what makes a premium product website. With the principles of minimalism, primary colours and graphic design we refined the idealistic look & feel that represents the brand entirely.

Mixing it up

The brand identity has been defined prior to the design of the new website, leading to the team to sit down and create the website structure around what already existed. This approach will only be executed promptly when planning and communication are prioritised over everything else. This is where our core business rule, focussing on what the client wants, not what we think they want, played a prominent role in the success of this project.