Genuine Connection Promotions

Project Description

Manufacturing Greatness

Genuine Connection Promotions (Pty) Ltd is an apparel manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of sport, lifestyle-, corporate- and other clothing to its very diverse clientele (customers, buyers, retailers, resellers, and agents). Genuine Connection Promotions (Pty) Ltd approached The Website Engineer to develop their new website with their goal to reach a broader international market, with an international standard website.

Integrity is the top priority

Departments Collaborated

Conceptual Design Samples

Redefining their online presence

The corporate website goal is for them to focus on the values of the company, and project their mission in a presentable manner. This required us to take a lot of information, and structure it in such a way that captures the visitor to visually project the professional and high standards of the company culture.

A company wide collaboration

We have worked with the management in HR, marketing, operations and manufacturing to ensure the company-wide vision representation is achieved on the website. Designing, developing and implementing a website is only a piece of the pie when it comes to the project as a whole. Working with the team and ensuring constant and smooth feedback loops is a critical factor to the turnaround time from scratch to go-live in the life cycle of a project.