Bossa Good Times Bar

Project Description

Good times

Bossa Good Times Bar is an iconic get-together mecca in the Western Cape. With five franchise branches across the Western Cape, the need was to create a website that would project their newly designed brand image. Our team approached the project with the goal to create an energetic, fun and “good times” user experience. We asked the question: How would we want to feel after a productive, challenging day at work to unwind? The answer was to walk straight into Bossa Good Times bar. A space overflowing with an addictive energetic atmosphere with a motivational nudge to enjoy every single moment with those who matter, taking life one day at a time.

Conceptual Design Samples


Online Menus
Social Media Integration
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Speed & Performance

Outstanding Outputs

The requirement was to keep things simple, and allow visitors to view the menu and get more information about the general atmosphere at Bossa Good Times Bar. The creative process was kicked off by visiting the Stellenbosch branch, where the team needed to get to know what made Bossa different. We accomplished the mission by sticking to the plot, which was to keep it simple and make it easy for anyone to find what Bossa had to show.