Project Description

Growing a new Presence

The challenge in this project was to enhance Agrimark’s online presence so that their services can be more accessible for more South Africans. We focused on carrying the same clinical and professional feel that’s already associated with the company, through to the websites; simulating the same experience online as in the store.

Resources for the masses

Monthly Visitors

Well Oiled Integration

Our processes allow us to maintain seamless consistency by developing most of our solutions with advanced tools that we mastered. We also combine custom development into our processes to reach the most advanced request from our clients. Agrimark received that specific attention to detail and care. By using efficient methods, we can test the product quickly and identify problems quickly. This enabled us to work back and forth with our client and to create a perfect end product.

Preparing for the next harvest.

It may not seem surprising to find that most content is being consumed on mobile devices. That’s why the team at The Website Engineer dedicated extra time and focus toward mobile development. Ensuring that the Agrimark will be and is ready for where we currently are and to where the future is going, enabling Agrimark to be accessible at any time, anywhere.