Web design refers to any and all processes involved in creating web pages on the internet. That includes UX design, graphic design, page layout, and many others.

What is web design essentially?

“…working with a creative team or creative people to combine graphical elements to create a compelling message online for your potential customers…”

So whats the important thing to think about then?

“…message flow. Often times marketers skip over that. But what you want to really think about is telling a message from the top down:

  1. What it is
  2. Why it’s beneficial
  3. How your product or service solves that for them
  4. And then who this is for”

What design trends are becoming widely adopted?

“Companies using sections to break out different aspects of their story so that they are able to break out the what, why, who, how sections into more of a consistent message flow. My Favorite is probably the simplification of brand messaging; we’re seeing companies focus more on their unique value proposition and then telling a story about how that unique value proposition is accomplished by that particular company. So a great example is companies using what I’m calling the why-how blend they’re saying; they’re saying why you want their product or service, and how their service delivers that.”

Tyson Quick
Tyson QuickFounder & CEO of Instapage