Some of the Best Tricks and Life Hacks for your Android Smartphone in 2017. These Life Hacks and tips should make your Life a whole lot easier!

(Just a heads up, most of the apps mentioned are for Androids)

1.Your phone can see invisible infrared radiation that humans eyes and normal cameras can not! (0:00 – 01:07)

2.Check the distance of object from you and their actual size by using an application called Smart Measure on android phones (01:08 – 01:38)

3.Use WhatsApp and SMS messages for your smartphone on your desktop with Monkey Text (01:39 – 02:06)

4.Your phone is the perfect dash-camera! Simply download the app called AutoBoy; it only saves the last few minutes and deletes older footage to keep your memory from being over used (02:07 – 03 – 08)

5. Your phone display your GPS route on your windshield with an App called HUDWAY (I guess you could say it looks like a hologram?), pretty sweet! (03:09 – 03:45)

6.Donate your phone’s unused computing power to contribute to scientific research of your choice with BOINC (03:46 – 04:24)

7.Selecting notification blocking by using priorities (04:25 – 05:46)